At Namaste Holistic Therapies anyone is welcome. People come here from all walks of life with different wishes. We focus on the individualsĀ“ ability to access their own innate self- healing and peace.

From very young, my grandma was making lotions and potions with different herbs in her garden. She believed that this could both prevent and heal certain conditions for the body. As a huge inspiration for me, my interest of holistic health; of the body, the mind and the heart started to grow. As a therapist I always try to include this in my treatment.
I have the wish to offer a treatment where you can feel that you can let go, of the outside world, of anything that may be troubling you. To invite you into a space, almost like a home from home, were you feel accepted as a being. I believe that body work can be so much more than just a physical act. If we allow ourselves to get in touch with our body, the possibility for peace of mind is greater, and we all want to feel happy and peaceful.

In this society we often feel disconnected from our bodies, a sense of almost being forced to live like that. Perhaps we are longing for other ways of living and this is completely possible. Body work can bring your own awareness back to your body, and awaken your curiosity of your own movement, feeling and nourishment.

Pain can have many different causes, from physical ailments, trauma and from emotional blockage. Emotion and memory are stored in our body. Emotions become held inside of us when we are unable to feel them completely, unprepared to digest them or afraid of allowing them to flow through us. We all have certain emotions that we are comfortable feeling and experiencing. Likewise, we all have certain emotions that we avoid due to never having learned how to exercise those specific muscles. Bodywork provides us with practices of contacting feelings in a physical manner. When we open the pathway to feeling our physical self, we begin walking down the road to the emotions that exist within that space.

        "The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.
        When awareness embraces others they will bloom like flowers".

                - Thich Nhat Hanh

Founded by Emma in 2017, with the wish to create a space for people to nurture their innate feeling for peace and acceptance. Emma is a student of Buddhist psychology, a creator of Music and a free spirit at Heart. (A bit like Phoebe in Friends!) She has dedicated 5 years to the study of holistic health. And has a burning interest for where East meets West and the study of the minds impact in bodily ailment.